Yorkshire and the Humber Office

Specialised Commissioning in the Yorkshire and the Humber Office is delivered by a multi-disciplinary specialised commissioning team of staff including finance, information, public health, pharmacy and commissioning staff. NHS Barnsley has the overall responsibility for the employment of staff and ensuring that all the arrangements are ‘fit for purpose’.

The Yorkshire and the Humber Office is based at Hillder House in Barnsley.  The Secure Services Commissioning Team is based at Tickhill Road in Doncaster.

Barnsley Office (HQ)

Cathy Edwards, Director of Specialised Commissioning
Laura Sherburn, Deputy Director of Specialised Commissioning (ML)
Frances Carey, Deputy Director of Finance - Specialised Services
Alan Browne, Assistant Director of Finance - Specialised Services
Michele Saffer, Assistant Director of Finance - Specialised Services
Simon Kaye, Assistant Director of Finance - Specialised Services (also based in Doncaster)
Neil Hales, Assistant Director of Contracting and Performance
Anthony Prudhoe, Assistant Director of Contracting and Performance
Lisa Marriott, Assistant Director of Commissioning - Specialised Services
Jackie Parr, Senior Commissioning Manager
Kim Cox, Senior Commissioning Manager
Joanne Poole, Senior Commissioning Manager/Network Manager Children's Services
Kevin Smith, Medical Advisor
Paul McManus, Pharmaceutical Advisor
Vicki Woodhead, Contract and Performance Manager
Rebecca Campbell, Renal Network Manager
Shamila Gill, Renal Programme Manager
Ruth Lund, Congenital Cardiac Network Manager
Sally Brown, Commissioning Support Officer
Linda Daniel, Lead Nurse (PIC Network)
Ian Catling, Finance Manager
Martyn Housecroft, Finance Manager
Julie Baker, Assistant Finance Manager
Zoe Popplestone, Assistant Finance Manager
Lynne Duffy, Assistant Finance Manager
Stephen Schuz, Finance Project Support
Ross Greenwood, Finance Assistant
Paul Crompton, Business Manager
Angela Musgrave, PA to Cathy Edwards
Dawn Bentley, Secretary
Michelle Goodfellow, Secretary
Debbie Rae, Secretary
Gerard Tayeh, Senior Administrator Cancer Drugs Fund


Yorkshire & the Humber Office
North of England Specialised Commissioning Group
Hillder House
49-51 Gawber Road
S75 2PY
Phone 01226 433742 or send a fax to 01226 433797


DONCASTER OFFICE (Secure Services Commissioning) 

Ged McCann,  Associate Director of Commissioning (Specialist Mental Health)
Louise Davies, Senior Commissioning Manager
Mick Burns, Senior Commissioning Manager
Shirley Brook, Commissioning Manager
Allison Bennett, Regional Case Manager
Andrea Pounder, Regional Case Manager
Rada Mrkic Smith, Regional Case Manager
Adrian Eastwood, Regional Case Manager
Rob Henderson, Regional Case Manager
Tita Thomas, Regional Case Manager
Simon Kaye, Assistant Director of Finance - Specialised Services (also based in Barnsley)
Tina Bland, Information Analyst
Julie Sayers, Information Assistant
Joanne Wright, Involvement Lead
Rose Ayub, Involvement Lead
Lynn Hardy, PA to Ged McCann
Gayle Evans, Secretary
Michele Darwin, Secretary


Yorkshire and the Humber Office
North of England Specialised Commissioning
57, Tickhill Road
Phone 01302 798336 or send a fax to 01302 798330

This page was last updated on 08 March 2012.