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Specialised Commissioning

The purpose of the SCG is to ensure that Specialised Services, as defined in the Specialised Services National Definitions Set, are commissioned in a way that:

  • delivers equity of access to appropriate, high quality, sustainable specialised services for all Yorkshire and the Humber patients
  • is co-ordinated and planned in accordance with the health needs of the population
  • is open and transparent and is based on sound evidence or research
  • delivers a seamless approach across primary, secondary and tertiary care and health and social care
  • seeks to involve users and the public
  • represents value for money and is managed within a budget
  • implements the highest possible standard commissioning arrangements¬†

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Specialised Services

  Renal Dialysis

Specialised services are those services provided in relatively few specialist centres to catchment populations of more than 1 million people. These services are not provided by every hospital, and tend to be found in larger hospitals based in big towns and cities. Examples of specialised services include renal services (such as kidney transplant and kidney dialysis), blood and marrow transplantation, morbid obesity surgery and services for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Specialised services are identified in more detail in the Specialised Services National Definitions Set, published by the Department of Health (DH). It is estimated that specialised services account for about 10% of total PCT expenditure on hospital services.

Detailed information and access to all the current Specialised Services National Definitions is available.